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Sister Nora's Place provides long-term shelter and case management for women with a history of homelessness, trauma and serious mental and physical illness. These women are often times society’s most vulnerable and forgotten people.

The program began sheltering women on January 17, 2005 and has the capacity to house thirteen women at a time. Each woman is treated on an individual basis, thus there is no predetermined length of stay. It is the only shelter of its kind in the Sacramento area and provides each guest with a stable and nurturing living environment, advocacy, and guidance. Each woman is assisted in creating a safety net of support that she will be able to access for the rest of her life.

Sister Nora’s Place offers residents the opportunity to live more productive lives off of the streets, non-coercive and constant supportive services, a safe and peaceful environment, private living space in cubicles designed especially for residents, and activities to stabilize their lives including mental and physical health evaluations, medical appointment assistance, medication management, support groups, and financial management. The program offers appropriate housing placement upon their leave.

Individuals and groups are encouraged to volunteer by preparing the evening meal for Sister Nora’s guests with the option of joining them for dinner. Sign up by calling the shelter at: 916 669-7000

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