Our Programs

Daytime drop-in shelter for single women and families offering breakfast, showers, diapers and baby food, menstrual and incontinence supplies, and resource counseling. 916-446-4961

Mustard Seed School
Free private school for children 3 to 15 years old who are experiencing homelessness. Provides a safe, nurturing learning environment, survival resources, immunization updates, counseling, and assistance entering and reentering public schools. 916-447-3626

Sister Nora's Place
Long-term overnight shelter serving chronically homeless, mentally ill women. 916-669-7000

Spokes & Wrenches
Volunteer mechanics teach guests to repair their bikes, and help with repairs.

Secures and stores perishable and nonperishable food. Receives and distributes all in-kind donations to all programs. 916-446-0874

Wash House
Showers, shaves, toiletries, laundry services, and clothing exchange available to men every weekday. 916-443-7378

A voice for our guests with an emphasis on dignified, compassionate survival services and affordable housing. 916.446-9316

Anneke's Haven
Animal kennel to house and feed our guests’ pets while they access our services. 916-446-0874

Dining Room
Nutritious, hearty lunchtime meals 364 days a year for hundreds of homeless men, women, and children. 916-446-0874

Friendship Park
Breakfast, activities, information, essential survival supplies, restrooms, community resources, and a safe environment while guests access our services. 916.443-7378

Free mental health counseling, resources, and referral services. 916-669-1536

Jail Visitation
Staff and volunteers visit inmates at the Sacramento County Jail and advocate on their behalf. Provides bus passes, survival supply kits, and referrals as needed upon release. 916-447-9472

Full service library with books, daily newspapers, and periodicals for quiet time, studying, and writing. 916-446-2861

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Street Address:
1351 North C. St.
Sacramento, CA 95811

PO Box 13495
Sacramento, CA 95813

Phone: 916-446-0874
Fax: 916-446-0875

Email: info@sacloaves.org

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