Affiliate Programs

SafeGround Sacramento
Local grassroots organization working to find a safe sanitary ground for the homeless. (Phone: 916-862-8649)
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Self-Help Housing
Designed to assist homeless people find safe and affordable housing. (Phone: 916-444-8216)

SSI Disability
Attorneys who specializes in Social Security Disability law assist disabled homeless people in their applications and represent them in disability certification legal hearings. (Phone: 916-648-8600)
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Tommy Clinkenbeard Legal Clinic
Independently operated, provides free legal services to homeless people relating infractions and misdemeanors in Sacramento County. The Legal Clinic also manages court-ordered community service sentences for homeless people to pay fines in lieu of incarceration. (Phone: 916-446-0368)

Mercer Pet Clinic
Mercer Veterinary Clinic for the Homeless is a 501(C)3 non-profit, student-operated organization providing free care for the animal companions of the homeless. The clinic meets one Saturday morning a month at Loaves and Fishes. (Phone: 530-752-1143)
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Mercy Clinic
A health service and information clinic, sponsored and managed by the Sisters of Mercy, Dignity Health, and Sacramento County Department of Health and Social Services. The clinic is a place for homeless individuals to come to receive assistance obtaining the health care they need. Registered Nurses identify patient’s immediate and long term needs and assist with linkage to available care for health, dental, mental health, and social services. These services are available to people experiencing homelessness every weekday from 730 am to 3pm. Phone: 916-874-2811

Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee (SHOC)
A grassroots committee of activists of the homeless and formerly homeless who advocate for equal rights and other issues relating to homelessness. the safety and well being homeless people. SHOC publishes a bi-monthly newspaper, Homeward Street Journal. (Phone: 916.442-2156)

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