April 2019 Newsletter

Guest Edward participates in our annual Ash Wednesday service presided by bishop Jaime Soto.

Dear Friend,

The spring holidays of Easter and Passover are meant to celebrate rebirth and redemption, but these are difficult concepts for someone experiencing homelessness to identify with. This is especially true for our newly homeless guests who come to Loaves & Fishes for the very first time. No matter the circumstances that led to them experiencing homelessness, these men, women, and children are forced to ask themselves the same difficult and heartbreaking questions.

What do I do? Where can I sleep? Which of my possessions should I bring with me? How do I carry it all? Do I spend what little I have on essential needs that will get me through the day or on food, knowing that I don’t have enough for both? The logistical and practical questions are overwhelming, and good answers are hard to come by.

The questions get harder to answer with each passing day. What do I do if local law enforcement wakes me in the middle of the night, and tells me to move – or if I wake to find that my last possessions in the world were taken? Where will I use the restroom, clean myself, or find a meal? Where can I turn for some steadiness, some certainty, or some precious peace of mind? Do I have the courage to ask for help from passing strangers who may ignore me at best, and insult me at worst? This is just a fraction of our guests’ daily struggle.

Staff and volunteers of our breakfast program help over 250 guests start their morning off well.

We do all that we can to help the nearly one thousand men, women, and children who turn to us in need every day. Our sixteen survival services help them meet their most basic, vital needs – food, essential supplies, clean restrooms, showers and laundry – as well as their longer-term needs such as mental health counseling, legal advice, and connections to community resources. Our staff and volunteers create an environment where our guests don’t just get their needs met, but get met with dignity and care. When they have nothing else, Loaves & Fishes is here to help see them through the day.

As much as our guests need us, they need you. We rely entirely on private and community support, so it is not exaggerating to say that you make our survival services possible. With new guests arriving every day and resources dwindling since the tax reform, we need your help more than ever.

The best gift you can give our brothers and sisters experiencing homelessness is the gift of steadiness. A monthly gift gives our guests the supplies and services that they count on from us, and the safety of knowing that we will still have enough to go around when they are in need again. With Easter just around the corner, please use the enclosed envelope or go online to sacloaves.org to give our guests a chance at a new beginning.

Thank you for your support, and for making such a profound difference in the lives of others in need. Happy Easter and blessed Passover to you.

Gratefully and sincerely,

Noel Kammermann
Executive Director


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