October 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friend,

Wash House program director Wil gives a guest new socks.

I first joined Loaves & Fishes a little over two years ago. I was new to the community, but incredibly inspired by the good achieved by the staff and volunteers here in our survival services for our many guests. The legacy created by co-founders Chris and Dan Delany 36 years ago was built in parallel to the Seven Works of Mercy: feed the hungry; shelter the homeless; clothe the naked; visit the prisoner; comfort the sick; bury the dead; give drink to the thirsty. These Works of Mercy, helping our guests survive, are fulfilled here only because of the full support of the community, whether it happens through the efforts of our dedicated volunteers, or because of the absolutely critical donations from our community.

I was first drawn toward helping people experiencing homelessness in my time providing free counseling to those in need. The people I met were all struggling to deal with difficult events in their lives, be it recent or from a long time prior. Each shared their struggles, their sorrows, and their joys as they tried to navigate through their lives. It struck a chord with me that helping others, especially those experiencing homelessness, is a vital service. I have followed this path ever since, and that path eventually led me to Loaves & Fishes, a place where miracles happen.

As a generous supporter of Loaves & Fishes, you understand the importance of helping our homeless brothers and sisters survive. A nourishing meal, a warm shower, clean clothes, or just an ear to listen makes all the difference in the world to our guests. The dignity, respect, and hospitality focus of the Loaves & Fishes staff is just as important. We talk with our guests. The guests share their struggles, sorrows, and joys with out staff and volunteers, and we do all that we can to help them get through the day.

A guest warms up with a cup of coffee in Friendship Park.

We are all here to help.

Join Loaves & Fishes in helping those less fortunate, fulfilling the Seven Works of Mercy, and helping people experiencing homelessness survive.

Donate today, and help nearly a thousand men, women, and children who visit us each day for survival services. Loaves & Fishes does not accept any government money – so please help us continue providing survival services to our guests, especially with winter coming right around the corner.

Thank you for your support, and for making such a profound difference in the lives of others in need.

Gratefully and sincerely,

Noel Kammermann
Executive Director


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