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Mustard Seed is a free, private school for children 3-15 years old which provides a safe, nurturing and structured environment, a positive learning experience, happy memories, survival resources of food, clothing and shelter referrals, medical and dental screenings, immunization updates, counseling for children and their parents, and assistance entering or reentering public schools.

Mustard Seed School was established in 1989 to help meet the needs of homeless children. Many school age children do not attend school because of their homelessness; some lack immunizations, birth certificates, or other documents, some are in transit, and almost all lack a support system. In spite of their situations these children are eager to learn and to be accepted.

Many homeless children are not enrolled in school because the places their families find to sleep are often not near a child's school and the family only plans to be there a short time. Sometimes the school needs an address or updated immunizations which homeless families cannot provide.

From fifteen to thirty-five children may attend our school each day, and an average stay is just three to four weeks. Some children have been out of school for a long time and need help to go back. A major goal of the Program is to prepare and enroll homeless children into public schools, and preschool for younger children, when families have found housing stability. Since the school began, over 4500 individual children have participated in Mustard Seed.

Mustard Seed Needs List

  • Gift Cards - Walmart, Target, grocery store, fast food
  • Gas Cards - $10
  • Bus Passes - Adult & Children
  • Ponchos - Adult & Children
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Call us at (916) 447-3626 to: Sponsor a field trip, sign up for our fresh fruit calendar, ask about how you can help with our new family hygiene kit program
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Donation can be dropped off at
1351 North C Street, Sacramento.
M-F 7am to 3pm

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