Why We Accept No Government Funding

Loaves & Fishes does not accept government funds. This means your support is vital. You keep the work of feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless going. Please make a donation today

Early on in the 30 year history of Loaves & Fishes we made a choice to never accept government funding. We stand by this decision to this day on the following grounds:

A guest being served a hot meal.
  • By receiving no government funds the government has less say in how we choose to serve our guests. This means we can operate in a way that serves those in need the best and not just what suits the politicians.
  • By receiving no government funds we are not reliant upon the whims of politicians for our funding; when budget cuts come and government shutdowns occur, the first to get cut are social services programs.
  • By receiving no government funds we do not have to keep up with the exhaustive paperwork required. We can focus more time and energy on serving those in need and less on satisfying the government bureaucracy.
  • By receiving no government funds we are free to be a voice for homeless men, women, and children and when necessary stand up to government officials without fear of losing our funding.

Your support is essential! When the entire Sacramento community comes together we can do incredible things.

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